Friday, March 2, 2012

This Week

Getting a little bit of sewing done, around all the business that is student teaching!

I received these generous scraps from Art Gallery Fabrics today (they were giving them out for free! Check out their Facebook page - they'll probably do it again in the future). I'm in LOVE with my scraps.

What should I make? I'm stuck. The only idea I'm getting right now is a chevron mini quilt or something along those lines... with these fabrics and the extra solids...

Any suggestions?

I'm also almost (finally) done with my Made in Cherry quilt top, and I'm adding a quilt label on this weekend to the bubble baby quilt (thank you so much for all the feedback by the way!). 

What are you up to? :)


  1. Have you looked at the granny squares quilt along - blocks using those fabrics would look lovely!

  2. Nice fabrics that look like they play well together.


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