Saturday, December 3, 2011

Favorite Things Friday #10: Quilty Edition

Just a heads up: I'll probably be posting once a week until finals are over in 2 weeks! In the homestretch... thank goodness. Senior year is not easy!

However, to take my mind off of that... :)... this week I'm enjoying several quilty things all over blogland and Pinterest (click on picture to be taken to Pinterest source):

Pinned Image
This to-die-for tree skirt made by my friend Sara (who won my traveling stash giveaway and now is holding her own - have you entered yet?)

Pinned Image
I am stunned by the beauty of this quilt, to put it simply. Look at all those dresdens!

Pinned Image
A small Christmas tree - part of an advent calendar. Adorable.

Pinned Image
A gorgeous string quilt made from Kate Spain's new line, Good Fortune...

Pinned Image
Just perfect. Heirloom fabrics!

This is one of my favorite quilts EVER... ever.
And finally... this is one of my favorite quilts ever! I can't wait to try ticker tape style.

Are you inspired? Go forth and quilt! (or knit or craft or embroider... etc. :) )


  1. Lovely! What treats to share! And now, good luck on your finals! (Good thoughts being sent your way!)

  2. Good Luck on those finals!!!! Really;)

    You are a GEM!!!! Thank you for showing my tree skirt off---you made me laugh and smile proudly.

  3. Thanks for sharing my Owl, Jess. I was so surprised to see it on here when I was reading your blog! You rock!


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