Monday, December 26, 2011

Blogger's Choice FQ Bundle Contest at Quokka Quilts

I saw this post at Quokka Quilts and had to join in (thereby delaying sleeping).
You could win your own bundle of fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop (half yards!!) by posting about your dream palette.

Purple and orange are among my favorite colors, so they would definitely be in there. Combined with yellow, it reminds me of sunrise (a sight I should start getting used to as I get up at the crack of dawn for student teaching). I think these prints work well together :) It was difficult to narrow down, let me tell you!

The fabrics are as follows:
Floursack Purple Spring Floral
Outfoxed Peach and Purple Wild Vines
Daisy Dance Purple Tonal Daisies
Morning Tides Purple Water
Impressions Purple Roscoe
Impressions Purple Ivy
Heirloom Dandelion Opal
Pajama Party Orange Dots and Stripes
Meadow Friends Cotton Dragonfly Orange and Girl Curly Swirls
Annie's Farm Stand Yellow - Annie's Big Dot
Crazy Daisy Yellow With Orange Large Daisy Bloom
Crazy Daisy Orange Crazy Daisy

Ready, Set, Go! Orange Pure Organic Solid
Bella Solids Purple Yardage SKU # 9900-21
Bella Solids Yellow Yardage SKU # 9900-24

Now I really want to quilt. But I've learned the hard way that crafting in any capacity while tired is always a bad idea, so to bed I go.

I'll be back tomorrow to show you my Christmas sewing/knitting, finally!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.


  1. What a lovely palette!! Hope you enjoyed choosing it. Thanks for entering!

  2. Great palette, love your choices

  3. love these! and funny that these are the exact colors my stash seems to always be missing (mostly the purple and orange, really). good luck!

  4. I love your collection the best. Perfect color combination. Hope you win.

  5. Very pretty! I like the purple with the orange, that's lots of fun!

  6. Funny how we both used the Girly Swirls and Wildvines! Good luck ;)

  7. I love the bright and vibrant colors you chose for your fabric bundle! Good luck!

  8. these are great! So bright and cheery, would love to be wrapped up under these colors, good luck!

  9. Love the pallet and the fabrics you chose! beautiful!


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