Friday, November 18, 2011

Favorite Things Friday #9: Knitted Edition

Hi everyone! It's been a busy week and it's only going to get busier with the end of the semester coming up, but I DO look forward to posting about quilting next week! I'll be home for a whole week - woohoo! And I LOVE Thanksgiving!

It's SUPER cold here in New Jersey today - biting, actually. I said last week on my way to Zumba with friends that there was only a little bit of time left to forgo the sweatpants on the walk there - but I think the day has come! No more being lazy - gotta drag out my warmer clothes.

I LOVE the knitted beauties on Pinterest this week (click on pictures to be brought to source):
Pinned Image
I'm looking forward to learning how to make a cowl like this - right now I only know the basic knit stitch!

Pinned Image
How ADORABLE are these??

Pinned Image
A cute little cozy

Pinned Image
A Slytherin house scarf - what I'm trying to make for my sister - it's almost done!

Pinned Image
Cute hat with a bow- another goal of mine!

Pinned Image
I'm in love with this wreath. Nothing else like it that says: a crafty person lives here!

Pinned Image
So intricate... so beautiful. I'd be afraid to wear this!

So, what are you up to this weekend? Are you inspired? :)

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  1. Afternoon Friend!
    I am crochet girl. Love to learn to knit. Ive tried but was not very successful. Good Love to you!
    I am working on Woolie Stockings for whole Fam for Christmas!
    Joy to you

  2. Love the cowl! Wonder if it could be crocheted? Hummm.....

  3. I discovered your blog through Fat Quarterly and your win of Terrain! Lots of inspiration, love the earrings! I am a novice knitter and hope to do more then scarves.

  4. I love the Slytherin scarf!!! And those earrings and the wreath are just adorable!


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