Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Terrain Skirt = Finished!

As I said when my layer cake came in the mail, I've been lusting after Kate Spain's new line, Terrain, since I first saw it. The bright colors (and the purples, of course) scream "FALL!" - which is my favorite season. And since I'm going back to campus in t minus 3 weeks, a skirt is what I wanted to make...

I had never made a skirt before, so I searched allllllllll over the web for patchwork skirt tutorials. I used two posts over on indietutes (here and here), which were infinitely helpful. The blogger, Vegbee, and the commenters weren't kidding when they warned that it's a process... hahaha. Ha. But so worth it. Five days of work - and I didn't even use patchwork for the whole thing!

(This was before I sewed the whole thing together - I ended up taking off the last two rows because I liked the shorter length. But GOODNESS does it stretch far across the living room - and you can see some of my other WIPs on the couch, I just realized this... classy, I know).

Plus, this skirt allows me to TWIIIIIIIIRLLLLLLL as much as I want! :D

I sewed long basting stitches (by machine) to the first three layers but the thread kept breaking, so I gave up and just randomly folded over/pinned the rest of the layers. To be fair, I didn't have the recommended elastic thread, but gathering always makes me want to cry, so I did half and half.

I bought a layer cake because I honestly wasn't sure how much I would need - almost everything I found online was about making a skirt for kids (and at the time, I considered doing it completely in patchwork without solids). You could definitely make a knee-length skirt with three charm packs, and have a little left over - well, I guess that depends on how tall you are. I'm tall, 5'10", if that helps at all. Since I ALSO originally thought I would make it ankle-length, I bought a layer cake, which was cheaper than buying four charm packs. Scraps would also make a great patchwork skirt!!

Now, for most of the prints, I have two charm squares left to use (because I originally cut them all). But that's ok - I'll definitely be using them (with my Go Cutter, I hope!). This line is still one of my favorites right now.

I know the colors are a lot, but I'm going to wear this thing loudly and proudly on campus. Watch out, college, here comes the senior!

If you decide to make a patchwork skirt, don't forget to finish the inside seams - or else this thing could fall apart pretty easily in the wash. I don't have a serger, so I used a wide zig zag stitch. Also, the elastic band was really easy to make - I had never done that before. Though, the amount of thread I cut off from the inside of the skirt was insane :) You can also make a skirt liner - I may do that at a later date.

It was nice to do something other than quilts and mug rugs (but now I miss them, so going back to regularly scheduled mile-long list of projects that need to be finished)! I'm so happy though!

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  1. Awesome Job!! You did much better on skirt than I would have. :)

  2. you did it girlfriend!!! Now about that coming apart in the wash side note--the fiance probably wouldn't mind,but yeah thanks for the side note. ANYways it is so pretty and I can really tell you are PROUD of this skirt as you should TRULY BE!!

  3. What a fun skirt! Love it! I'll bet it makes you happy just to wear it. Whoop Whoop for you!

  4. Adorable! Bet you can't wait to show it off.

  5. Hi, Jess! So glad you linked this cute skirt up to Whoop Whoop Friday!! I love Terrain too - actually anything Kate Spain!! Wear it proudly!!

  6. Crazy awesome! I love the look of that Terrain!

  7. Such a fun skirt! It looks great and I love that fabric!

  8. I love your skirt! I'm so glad you linked up! I also wanted to let you know I featured you today :) over at SewHappyGeek

  9. I'm not surprised you could easily master this fun skirt, Jessica, with the amazing quilting skills you have.


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