Monday, September 27, 2010

My T-shirt Quilt

Today's post is about the reason I started quilting, again going in reverse order of the quilts I have made so far. This is the fourth one I finished.

I had a TON of t-shirts from high school/middle school that were just sitting in my drawers, taking up space. I heard about the ingenious idea to make them into a quilt - but how? I did some research online and found out that for the amount of shirts I had, I would easily have to pay 500 dollars for a quilt. Psht. I don't have that kind of money, and I had a whole boring summer ahead of me. What to do?

I had taken a basic sewing class in sophomore year of high school (which at this point means... almost five years ago... wow). I remembered very little. All I knew was that I wanted to try sewing.

Before it was pieced together...

Relearning how to sew, courtesy of my fiance... =P Not my best picture

So, yes, I originally started with another quilt. But I started this one early on and finished it later. It was a monster, let me tell you.

I borrowed my (now soon-to-be mother in law's) old sewing machine to see what I could do. I self-taught myself EVERYTHING, from the internet and from the machine handbook (and I'm definitely still learning - there's lots of things I can improve/add - but isn't it the same with every quilter? :) ). I was actually pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to remember how to use the machine, etc.

The final product!

Like I said, this quilt turned out to be a monster. I literally did not finish quilting it because a) it was so big and I'm not quite as proficient with big quilts yet and b) I wanted to bring it to my college dorm, and once I was making other quilts that had time constraints too, there just wasn't enough time. I quilted in a very random pattern. You can see some of that in the above and below pictures.

So, there is it. My quilt. :) I'm very happy with it. I probably won't even finish it/change it. Ever. I love it.

That's my story! More posts to come soon - I still have three more quilts to talk about from this summer :)


  1. What a venture for a first quilt. I will say that if you had put that interfacing that has the adhesive on one side, where you cut and adhere to the tee shirt material, that you would have had a much easier time with it. I do hope you finish it.

  2. Thanks Barb! Yeah, I really did not know too much about interfacing at the time - I should have educated myself more about it. However, I know now! :) If I ever get the chance to, I will continue quilting.

  3. What a and adventure working with Teeshirts. Haven't tried that yet though someday.


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