Friday, September 17, 2010

"Beach Babes"

I figured I should start posting about the quilts I made. I'll tell a short story about each one, and describe how I came up with the idea, etc. I'll start with my most recent quilt, finished in August, 2010.

I made "Beach Babes" for Kristina, one of my best friends. I wanted to create something for her that was the opposite of traditional. It had to be colorful. It had to be challenging. It was.

Kristina loves the beach, and we went there twice this summer. She also went to Greece and Aruba this summer, so I figured this design was very fitting.

I wish I had learned the "wedding ring" quilt style before this - I just "winged" it. But, I think it still turned out pretty good =P I'm very proud of it. For a while, I just had the sunset and beach piece - it took a long time to get that together. Then, I sewed the three layer parts around it.

I have to keep reminding myself that I am still a beginner, and everything can't be perfect. Every quilt I have made so far has taught me something, which I improve on next time. :)

(yes, this next one is a beach chair, flip flops, and a beach ball - click it to zoom in!)

I love the colors on the quilt, if I may say so myself. I wanted to keep it (actually, every quilt I have made so far, I have wanted to keep!) - but I refrain. At least I get to see it when I go over to her dorm room :) Well, and obviously I get to see HER, so that is okay, too.

(this is my little sister - she loves helping me :) Thanks Ris!)

I'll be writing another post soon about my ridiculously monstrous high school t-shirt quilt, which is why I started quilting in the first place! Until next time :)

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