Sunday, February 25, 2018

Modern FMQ QAL: March (Month 3)

Are you quilting along with the Central Jersey Modern Quilt Guild? It's super easy and fun! Every month, I post several links to tutorials in this Google Doc for the Modern Free Motion Quilt Along. Each month has a theme, and you choose your current free motion quilting skill level to follow a tutorial or two.  

Our goal is to practice free motion throughout the year and come out on the other side with a small sampler quilt. At guild meetings, we're bringing our quilt sandwiches in to share, and you can share from afar (outside the guild) on Instagram with the hashtags #modernfmqqal and #cjmqg. Find out all the details on this page over on my guild's website. All fun, all FMQ, all year!

I really enjoyed quilting stars for March's theme. Every month I've been teaming up 2-3 designs to create a unique look for my quilt sandwich. Eventually, when I cut them up, the quilt will be even more varied (this is just one option for the quilt along).

Recently, I used the Icicle Lights motif by Leah Day on my word quilt, and it's a definite favorite (see top half of the above blue quilt sandwich). The options are endless (for example, I decided to keep the stars simple, like x's - less stitching involved - and I varied the lengths of the chains). I also enjoyed randomly creating starbursts with Christina Cameli's Allover Starburst tutorial. This is a new one for my quilting arsenal - I love the variation and wackiness. Very modern indeed.

The backing for this month's quilt sandwich is one of my all-time favorite Anna Maria Horner prints, which sadly I only have a small piece left of now. It reminds me of spring - which is coming! yay! - and I thought it looked magical quilted up with Aurifil 2600 (dove gray). The thread is light enough to imprint a pretty texture.

Are you quilting stars with us? I'll be revealing the next theme shortly, after our guild's March 14 meeting! Stay tuned to the Google Doc!

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  1. Great choices for March! I'm definitely hoping there are others quilting along with you this year. :)


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