Monday, January 29, 2018

Wolverine - A Wholecloth Quilt

Once in a while, I hear a quote that makes me sit up a little straighter and think, "well, that needs to be on a quilt." I'm really picky about which quotes deserve quilt status (not typical stuff like "live your life" or "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade"). Imagine my husband and I watching the season finale of one of our favorite TV shows, a Japanese anime show called Mahoutsukai no Yome (Ancient Magus' Bride) on Christmas Eve, when this quote pops up. It applies widely, I think.

"I thought she was a quiet girl, but she might actually be a wolverine" - English translation/subtitle from Episode 12 of Mahoutsukai no Yome

In the episode, one of the important characters has a huge transformation (no spoilers); it's the climax of the whole first season. It took my breath away (isn't it amazing what animation can do?) - the music, too. I had to find a fabric that would pay homage to the quote and scene. While looking through my stash, I pulled out this lovely, colorful Daiwabo fabric that I scored once at a guild meeting. It's softer and a bit more papery than quilting cotton but not any different to quilt on. Since this was to be a wall hanging, I just went for it.

Whenever I quilt words with free motion quilting, I always quilt the words first. I wanted the words "quiet girl" and "wolverine" to stick out most, so I gave them their own lines and created fonts especially for them. I also used four different threads to move the quote along: Aurifil 2024 (white), 2600 (dove gray), 1158 (medium gray - which can be seen better here in certain lights), and 2692 (black).

Usually I don't mark much, but I made use of my chalk pencils to mark straight lines to quilt on and decided where to place the words. I wrote more about starting this quilt and the process of quilting words here.


After completing the words, I filled in the background to emphasize the same words as before. Those pebbles are so tiny, but they were worth the effort (I've probably quilted over a couple million pebbles in my life, and these are by far the toughest ones)! I used 2250 (red), accompanied by 1133 (burnt orange) and touches of 2135 (yellow) for flames (which is related to the show, but again, no spoilers). Finally, I quilted the top in long strands to contrast the small pebbles (in 2540 medium lavender and 1200 blue violet, easily my favorite purple thread shade).

This quote got a big thumbs up from my husband, who loves the show and also appreciates detailed quilting. I don't want to give this one away, so I hung it up on my sewing room wall. It reminds me to keep pursue whatever I'm doing that day.

More word quilts coming. I looove making them! And once you find something you love, you should keep at it.


  1. I'm with Mike on this--thumbs and my big toes if they count:) This is definitely a keeper! Color, quilting, writing, AND QUOTE--perfect!

  2. I am so impressed...with the quote, the quilting, the fabric and with your continuing evolution. This is an amazing quilt. The fabric is just wonderful.

  3. Yes! “Once you find something you love, you should keep doing it.” :) I think this is beautiful and I am excited you were inspired and went for it. I look forward to seeing it hang in your space.

  4. It is amazing, Jess! I love your wordy quilts :) The colours in that fabric seems so perfect for the quote.

  5. The fabric you used is perfect! The only thing that comes to my mind on Wolverine is the guy from X-men though :))

  6. I love that quote....I think I need to start collecting quotes in a book or something.

  7. I love this quote and it looks amazing on this perfect fabric background.


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