Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Belle: A Disney Mini Quilt

This is the fourth year I've made a Disney-themed mini quilt for my little sister. It's a special year because she's finally turned 21 - the last person in the whole family to do so!

 "I want adventure in the great wide somewhere..."

This year, I chose the original cartoon Beauty and the Beast for a couple of reasons (and specifically the scene in the opening song reprise of "Belle," when she emerges onto a scenic meadow in the midst of fall and dandelions). This year, the live action movie came out with Emma Watson, and we both enjoyed seeing it together. Plus, my sister is getting ready to graduate from college (next year!) and I thought this scene was particularly poignant.

The video of this scene is only a minute long and it's right here on YouTube! I was inspired by the scenery from :26 on. Here's a screenshot of the meadow from the movie (I changed the point of view for the quilt).

Belle sings:
I want adventure in the great wide somewhere, 
I want it more than I can tell.
And for once, it might be grand
To have someone understand
I want so much more than they've got planned...

I quilted the first line of that scene right above Belle with several stitchings of Aurifil 2024 (white), similar to the other quilts.

Originally, I considered recreating the famous ballroom scene, where Belle and the Beast dance together for the first time. This created two problems: 1. I'd have to recreate the Beast with fabric, and I wasn't up to that particular challenge and 2. All the quilts have been female-centric for a reason. The scene I chose seemed much more appropriate.

 Quilt in progress - creating the women themselves always takes a bit of planning!

I gladly took a bit of artistic license; for example, the Beast's castle sits in the distance to hint at the upcoming adventure, and I added a growing rose bush to the bottom left corner because... well, have you seen the movie?... roses are an important part of the later plot. This was really fun to free motion quilt in black and then applique. There are also a few trees featuring rose fabric. Sneaky.

Even though I love making these minis, I asked her if she still wanted me to continue the series after 3. Her response was to give me a list of at least 5 Disney movies. Good thing she has me! :)

 And here are the other three I've made and their accompanying blog posts: Frozen, The Little Mermaid, and Tangled. I can't wait to see this new one next to the others, and I'm already scheming for next year!

 Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow American friends! It's my favorite holiday. :)



  1. Nicely done, Jess!! LOVE your sister's response when asked if you should continue the tradition. Priceless!!!

  2. You did a very nice job with your interpretation!

  3. Gorgeous quilt Jess. Your sister must love it. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well.

  4. What a fun series; your sister is very lucky she has you!! Happy Thanksgiving, friend!

  5. This so beautiful! What a creative project. I especially like the trees you added, and all the special touches like the roses and castle.

  6. This is a fun series...and apparently you'll be able to continue for a while, lol! It's so wonderful when gift recipients love their handmade gifts :)

  7. What a wonderful series! You have a very lucky sister!

  8. i LOVE your work - IMO it just keeps getting better and better. this is alive and vibrant and beautiful!. This looks great with the others in your series for your sister.

  9. These are the best disney quilts every!!! Do you plan out the background ahead of time or just free form what you have for colors? And then do you just appliqué all the details?
    These are so fantastic!! I'm wondering if it would be do able to make a larger quit with these... or would that be too challenging... Please send your secrets!! :)

    1. Hi Ela! I don't see your email so I'm not sure if you'll get this response... but yes, I kind of plan the backgrounds and then applique on top. Most of my Disney quilt posts on this blog talk more about that process. I honestly do think a larger quilt would be very challenging though not impossible.


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