Thursday, March 16, 2017

Quilts and Politics - Podcast with Sit & Sew Radio

Today I'm popping in for a quick heads up - especially if you're heading into the weekend and looking for a good podcast to sew to.

In this recently released podcast episode of Sit & Sew Radio, I chatted with Stephanie Soebbing about my Women's March quilt and the reaction to it, both at the March and online.

This is a much-needed podcast episode (in my opinion), as it explores how women are using and having been using quilts for political purposes since day 1 of the USA (it's not about one side vs. another here). Sue Reich gives great perspective as a quilt historian (in fact, I'm looking into her other podcasts and her book right now), and Lee Chappell Monroe encourages us to spread love through quilt blocks. I hope you'll take a listen. Thank you, Stephanie, for the opportunity!

You can read my original post about the quilt here.



  1. I think your style and your quilts are unique and so interesting to watch unfold. I admit I am a bit confused as to why you feel the need to put Our Health Matters on a quilt but that's your business (I don't think anyone's saying anyone's health doesn't matter). Keep it up!

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for your comment and support! I appreciate it. There are a lot of reasons I chose that slogan, one being how it fit on a quilt, and another that women's health in the US, both affordable access to birth control and general health are in jeopardy. In the end, it seemed the most inclusive to me of all women, not just in the U.S. but in the world. I wrote more about other slogans I considered in the original post about the quilt, in case you'd like to read more!


  2. The email about this arrived just as I was sitting down to cut out some bird blocks so I listened right away. It was wonderful--very thoughtful about quilts, dissent, our history and communication. I'm glad you had such a good time at the March!


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