Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Workshop Recap: Waterfall Quilt Class with Baltimore MQG

I'm still recovering from a long weekend in Maryland, where I taught my Waterfall Quilt Workshop to the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild! It was an all-day class and we tackled so many different techniques, including my favorite kind of improvisational piecing (which I call brick-by-brick), bias strip piecing (no applique here!), and intermediate free motion quilting motifs. These ladies were certainly up for the challenge!

 Picture from my hostess and friend Liz @beadqueene

I started off with discussing the original quilts themselves and showing various improvisation examples. Since Baltimore was a few hours drive away, I was able to bring more than enough quilts in my car! I also demoed improv for them using some beloved, fall-like Anna Maria Horner scraps. So, does this mean I've started another quilt? :)

And everyone was off, creating their improv blocks!


Most of the improv from the day in one picture, below! It was so interesting and exciting to see everyone's different fabrics and interpretations. There was lots of time to explore and work with my students one-on-one. As always, I feel like the number 1 topic is color and fabric placement. We all seek opinions on those subjects!

 Close up pics of some blocks:

Top row (left to right): Cindy, Judy; middle: Andee, Phyliss; bottom: Diane, Amy

 The BMQG requested that part of the 6 hour class be devoted to the free motion quilting techniques I used on Emergence and Pebble Cascade. So, we got to work after lunch! I am happy to customize classes to fit the needs and wishes of different groups.

Cindy worked on pebbles:

Liz practiced drawing for awhile before quilting. This one of the ways students can improve their quilting by MILES. I really believe that f you can draw it, you can quilt it!

Here's Amy trying every motif! Wow!

 It was an awesome day, and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity. Thank you, Baltimore MQG! I can't wait to see what you make!

P.S. There's the top of that Modern Cathedral Window I was blabbing about last week - I'm planning to quilt it today! Ahh! I'm so excited. Also, I'll be back Thursday night/Friday with a mini quilt to share.

P.S.S. I'm updating my teaching page right now! I just added all the pictures and testimony from BMQG members, and I'm going to be posting several more classes very soon. I'm very excited for all that is coming up.


  1. Way to go, Jessica! And I love the natural light in that workspace. Must have been a joy to teach in that space!

  2. WOW what a fun class.
    I love these photos of happy sewing ladies.

  3. The photos from your class are GREAT! Makes me want to try your techniques... RIGHT NOW!!! Too bad I'm away from my sewing machine at the moment...


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