Thursday, July 28, 2016

Oblong Pillows

I just returned from a week+ long trip to Maine to visit family. We all had a great time, and it was relaxing to get away from the hustle and bustle of New Jersey (and yes, the quilt world - I spent a lot less time on blogs and social media). I couldn't wait to gift a couple of special birthday presents to two of my favorite kiddos in the world!

I've made them SO many things already (pillowcases, quilts, tote bags) and it's hard to come up with something special that I KNOW the kids will like (do you have more ideas for me??). I had a brain blast and finished these custom pillows the day before we drove up (actually, to be completely accurate, I finished the hand-stitching in the car!). I thought they would be unique and fun as an oblong shape.

The pillows were made with my nieces' favorite colors in mind. The lime green one is for my oldest niece (9), and she is 100% convinced that my husband is half cat (it's a long, funny story). It was kismet that I found the cute Cotton and Steel tigers in my stash. I used up several fabrics that I haven't been using, and she loves it, so big win there!

Also, I almost was brought to tears (I kid you not) when I walked into her room and saw her bed - all things I have made her, including one of my very first quilts, which she uses every night.

The pink pillow is for my slightly picky younger niece (5), and at first, she loved the back more than the front, haha! We all played up how cool the unicorn was, and she agreed. :)

She insisted on taking this picture. :) ^^

I quilted both pillows with wavy lines to add another element to the mix. Then, I stuffed them with Poly-fil. Boom.

They were super popular around the house, used by all including my sister-in-law and the cat. Plus, this was just step one of getting the girls excited about fabric (the master plan!). They helped me with some easy vacation sewing by pushing the sewing machine pedal. They accompanied me to Marden's, a salvage store, where I got some amazing deals on fabric (if you ever go to Maine, be sure to seek one out - you won't be sorry!). The 9-year-old and I designed and sewed up a stuffed cat (she did almost all of the work, but unfortunately I didn't get a picture this time). She wants to learn how to quilt, and she will hopefully visit my sewing room when she's in NJ.

 My Marden's haul -  24 yards of high-quality, some OOP (out of print) fabric for $87 (including a 10% discount for being a MQG member)!! Believe it!

These pillows went over so well that I know exactly what I'll be making for my other nieces and nephew this year... woot!

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  1. How great that the pillows were such a big hit. And knowing what to make for other gifts in the future is awesome. I totally understand about seeing all your quilty love in one place being used and loved and being moved to tears. <3

  2. I love the unique shape and the face that they can be personalized so easily! I'll definitely have to remember this, I could see the kiddos in my family liking some new pillows! :) Also, awesome haul of fabric!

  3. I think I speak for all New England quilters when I say ... What are you thinking announcing the wonders of Marden's to the world?! Well, OK, you're allowed to shop there on future trips north, but next time, mum's the word! ; )

  4. So beautiful pillows, Jess! What a great idea for stripes! x Teje

  5. My nieces and nephew just love having something made special for them. I have found that the younger ones enjoy pretty much any sort of little pouch you can close fairly securely. They always have some sort of secret or treasure to tuck in there. As they get older it's a place for hair clips or something.

  6. What cute little gifts! I love the bright colors.
    I know that feeling when you see one of your quilts being loved and used daily. It does warm my heart and put a smile on my face.

  7. Sweet fabric haul! The pillows are great idea too. Glad they were a bit hit!

  8. Wow, nice haul of fabric. I like the purp!
    These pillows are great. Yes girls love everything, every thing
    Girls also love containers, and just little bags
    Your nieces are so cute

  9. It's amazing what you can sometimes find in those bargain bins! Lovely pillows, the quilting gives them great texture. I think they would be great for car trips too.

  10. My niece loves anything small, or little bags that she can keep trinkets in, miniature quilts for her stuffed animals and so on. I'm so glad the pillows were a big hit 😊

  11. They came out so adorable! Lucky nieces! Have you made them fabric covered notebooks yet? What about fabric baskets for storage?

  12. Love the oblong pillows! Gives me an idea of something to make for my daughter with the unicorn fabric I purchased recently. And I hope you get to teach your niece to sew. I spent the week at art camp teaching 1st grade through 5th grade how to sew. They loved it and it was the most popular class. I am hoping the seed has been planted!

  13. What a great gift idea! And even moreso, the gift of a love of sewing! I keep hoping for the day one of my kids wants to sew with me, but lo... not yet! I'm glad you had a wonderful trip to Maine, and next time you'll have to stop by on your way home!

  14. Love the pillows is there a size in the blog ...thankyou

  15. Love the pillows is there a size in the blog ...thankyou

  16. I visited the Marden's in Lewiston several years ago at my husband's urging. Of course, I didn't want to go since it was a surplus/salvage store and there were so many other beautiful sites to see in Maine! :) But, when we walked through the door and I saw all of the gorgeous fabric on display... I spent the next couple of hours shopping, with my husband's help, of course! He has a great eye for fabric since he's been shopping with me for ever. I shipped 52 yards of fabric home that trip! :)


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