Thursday, May 5, 2016

WIP City

"Works in progress" is the name of the game right now around here. If you took a stroll around my sewing room (which would be near impossible, by the way), you'd see 3 quilts in piecing action, 3 waiting to be quilted, 1 half quilted, 2 piles of fabric in project development, 1 giant box of purple fabrics set aside for my scrap quilt... you get the idea. It's a little chaotic here, but I'm totally in my game. I THRIVE when I'm working on a thousand things at once! After all, there's always something to work on, no matter what time of day or mood I'm in.

 Here are some other behind-the-scenes peeks at my current projects. I'll include much more detail when they are done! I tend to post about WIPs on Instagram, too, so you can find more about most of these pictures on there.

This next one is purposefully smaller so you can't see all the details yet... it's my passion project right now!

 I might be back tomorrow with a Friday finish, time willing. 

I'd love to know: do you thrive when you work on 1 project at a time, or several at once?



  1. I am in the SAME boat right now with all of the WIPs! I need to buckle down and finish my MBS quilt this week/weekend! I found a new task organization app so I am going to try to use that to keep more organized with my WIPs.

  2. Love the straight line FMQ you're doing!

  3. I feel like I keep myself on track better if I only have the one project out and working on at a time. Otherwise I never seem to get anything actually done! So I do my best to clean up after I finish one. I feel I work faster thinking about the next project & my reward for finishing is that I get to start the next quilt!

  4. I ALWAYS have multiple projects going in different stages. That way if I am in the mood to cut or press or quilt, there is always something to do. Plus, there is always that new sparkle of inspiration that gets a new project going. There is always a "To Do" list in my quilting room.

  5. I work on a thousand things at the same time. It is my life, Jess.
    Aren't we supah cool :-P
    Multi tasking is a skill very few can manage. It is good for your brains.
    I love all of your projects. Yay purple girl!

  6. I'm of two minds on this - I tend to be restless until I finish the project I'm working on. It nags me until it's done. The downside to this is if I lose steam on it, I won't sew for days until I get my project mojo back.

    When I have many projects going there is always something inspiring to work on but then projects get lost in the shuffle and some I never finish - which seems like a waste of both time and money.

    That said, I'm working on figuring out system to have multiple projects going on at once without losing track of them. I figure that's the key to making it work for me and once it works I'll be so much more productive with the little sewing time I have! Two boys under 5 - eek!

  7. Several at once because as you said there is always something to do no matter what mood I am in.

  8. I always have many projects in the making. I need to take a break from some of the projects and then I have more energy to finish after the break.

  9. I tend to have many going at once but I usually am more focused on one than the others, if that makes any sense? It sounds like (and I hope that) you are having a lot of fun!

  10. You're a busy bee over there! Ugh I have had so many WIPs lately. Too many to feel happy and in control and productive.


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