Tuesday, February 16, 2016

WIP Wednesday: All the WIPs

In the past, I've been chastised about working on too many projects/works in progress (WIPs) at once. How do you even get anything done? Why not just focus on one project at a time? No worries, I'm not offended. The quilt police don't have anything on me. :)

 Doe Improv Quilt, getting quilted one year later (finally made some decisions!)

Here's the secret: I work on what I want to. Yes, I have deadlines and self-imposed deadlines, but I allow myself time to quilt every single day (even if it's only for 30 minutes). Therefore, I have the opportunity to decide what I want to work on, and that may change as the week progresses. There's no point in working on something that stumps me, so I just switch as needed. Why waste a bit of negative energy when you can convert it to something hugely positive?

I ended 2015 with a slew of WIPs that were exciting but uninspiring at a time. As soon as I picked up my Mod Corsage quilt in mid-January, all the thrills came back in regard to my other WIPs. So now, I'm working on several, AND I've started two more projects, too (one of them is above).

 I've got 99 problems but WIPs ain't one.

 For the #purplesewingchallenge - it will be based on Peace!
This scrap project is my go-to sewing when I only have a little time on hand.

Linking up to Needle and Thread Thursday

*As of 2 weeks ago, Lee of Freshly Pieced decided to put the WIP Wednesday linky party on hold, possibly for good. I can totally respect her decision because I know firsthand how much work it takes to hold a linky party, let alone for 5 YEARS. To me, Wednesday will always be a WIP Wednesday, though. :) Thanks to Lee for providing that outlet for our online sewing community!


  1. Isn't it so true how how getting inspired by one project can wake up inspiration regarding so many others? When that happens I always wish I had more time in the day. Love your WIPs- and your attitude :-)

  2. It's way more fun to do it this way. :D

  3. I'm amazed with what you get done, and you are so good at meeting deadlines! I hope you don't think I've been the one chastising you for having a bunch of projects--I know some people work really well with having a bunch of projects. I'm in the opposite camp of working best with only 1-3 projects at the same, and usually that means one big one and a couple of small ones that finish quickly. My mod corsage is a project that peaks out of the depth of my pile of stuff in my sewing room and has not been touched in a year. I realized the other day that I don't want to work on it (there are a lot of things that need to be ripped and redone)...so I think I'm going to scrap it, maybe make a new one? I don't know. I love watching yours come together! The vines looks great! And that purple quilt is going to be amazing, I love the layout of all the fabrics so far!

  4. I love all of your WIPs and I say the more the merrier, there should not be any self (or other people) imposed limits to the number.

  5. All of these WIPs are fantastic and I can't wait to see them finished. The sewjo is strong with you ;) I want to pet them all at MOD, OK?

  6. I can't work on just one either, it's so much more fun and productive to work on 3 or 4 at a time. You have some fun and beautiful projects in the works.

  7. I can work on only one quilt if it is new and my enthusiasm is high, but if its a UFO then I have to be doing something new alongside it, even if its quite small. Love your purples, so rich and interesting.


  8. Love all your WIPs! I'm totally for working on what makes you happy. Who needs the negative energy?

  9. Great WIPs! Love the one for the purple sewing challenge. I can´t work only on one project, I always have a few in progress, all in different stages. I still have my very first pieced large quilt top without making a sandwich and quilting it. A project that I want to finish sometime this year! Barbora

  10. Wonderful selection of WiPs, I love the look of all of them! I'm with you, bouncing back & forth between projects is such fun and at least we don't get bored!


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