Saturday, December 13, 2014

Scrap Happy


My scrap bins have been getting overwhelming. Seriously. I save the craziest pieces, and unless it's a particularly beloved fabric, the weird ones go into the trash now. I love using scraps, though. I don't know any other way to get rid of good scraps except to use them; I just can't part with them otherwise.

Making a quilt for one of my little nieces has been an adventure so far. I started with triangles of Utopia fabric, surrounded them with solids, and started to make "waves" of color. Basically, I started piecing like-sized strips of scraps together in the same color (different shades), and it just evolved. It's easy enough piecing that I was also able to watch Love, Actually over a couple of days (best Christmas movie) (okay, not really the best - I'm a Muppet Christmas Carol kind of girl). I can't wait to quilt this top and give it to my niece! There are a lot of cute fabrics to find - kind of like a modern I-Spy quilt.

You can see the waves better in this picture that Jessica took at our Tuesday guild meeting!

I've been a bit quiet on the blog lately, but it's mostly because I'm hammering away at Christmas projects and working on guild stuff (planned the meeting this week, updated the website, and currently organizing voting for our upcoming exhibit). I also started working full-time at school this week (!!). Winter break is oh-so-close, though, which means LOTS of sewing. :)


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  1. Your quilt is looking beautiful! You are really good at putting your scraps together so that it all looks a bit like you planned it out.

  2. Its so pretty! Great use of scraps.

  3. Love your scrappy quilt! It is a crazy time of year - it seems pretty quiet all around lately!

  4. I like the way your quilt turned out -- the "neutral" strip blocks really make the diamond blocks stand out. And yet, they have their own quotient of interest, and we're able to focus on that because of the control and not the total randomness of the color, if that makes sense.

    You can throw all of your weird scraps into an envelope or box, and when it's full, I'll pay the postage!!

  5. Love that quilt -- so bright and happy!

    As you know, nearly all my quilts are scrappy but organising and cutting scraps does take a lot of my time!

  6. I need to do this too. I can't close my scrap box any more. Perhaps a new year project... Yours is lovely, so goo motivation

  7. I love your scrappy quilt, so bright! I really like what you did with the waves of color.

  8. Love how you made your scraps play so well together! I need to work on my improvisational scrap play! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  9. Fun colors. Brightens up the dull winter days.

  10. I echo what Leanne says! Love the rich colours and I really need to do something like this! Thanks for linking up this month to #scraptastictuesday

  11. Looking good. I love all the colors!


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