Sunday, August 11, 2013

Modernista: Sent and Received!

I never regret participating in the Modernista Homemade swap, even though this time I was extremely squashed for time. Sending a package to someone secretly and getting one in return from someone else (all the while trying to guess which one on Flickr is mine!) is tons of fun. This round's theme was the bedroom.

Last week, I received the most BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT package from Erica! She made a 24" square courthouse steps-like pillow in our bedroom colors (yes, the husband lets me decorate a bit girly - but calm), and look how it goes with Flying Purple People Eater!! Some of my favorite fabrics of all time. I'm. Seriously. Smitten.

Architextures! Tula Pink! Kate Spain! Pearl Bracelets! I can't.

A lovely penant banner that makes me smile every day... 

She also sent along some fabrics right up my alley, and a cute drawstring bag. Love it! The Central Park goodness, which some of you know as my favorite fabric line, is overwhelming! Thank you SO much, Erica!

I also have to share that my partner, Susi, in Germany, received her goodies, after I prayed to the mail gods many times! If you remember, I sent her my Falling Up mini quilt. I also sent her some extras  - one of which was a tote bag, created and quilted with her young daughter in mind :)

Getting really good at FMQing the flowers and totally bragging about this... lol.

You can see a couple pics of Susi's daughter on Flickr, where she is holding both sides of my mini quilt. My heart might have melted a bit when I first saw them. Seriously. You HAVE to click that link!

Linking up to Let's Get Acquainted. :) Have a relaxing Sunday!


  1. Awesome packages all around! I am totally going to try to participate next round :). I love your FMQ flowers, and I saw the pics of the proud recipient on flickr :).

  2. Those FMQ flowers are amazing, you should be proud!

  3. I have really been loving thos court steps seen them around and they don't get old I think I'll have to whip something up with them :)

    And love your flowers :) I need to get better at FMQ

  4. The FMQ flowers look great. You are definitely getting better at it.

  5. Gorgeous pillow! It looks perfect with the bed quilt. Nice.

  6. You did really well from that swap; I'm so pleased for you.


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