Sunday, January 15, 2012

Quilty Habit #3: Taking over the House

I haven't done a Quilty Habit in a while (you can see the others on my page, Quilty Habits, on the top bar). This one is so true, and I know other crafters can attest to this!

I already unofficially took over the dining room as my sewing space (so much that people in the house call it "the sewing room" instead of "the dining room"). Luckily, everyone is okay with this and they've been more than accommodating.

It's actually a lot worse than this. These are pictures from a year ago. :)

The living room is the overflow space, often the place where my unfinished/half basted/half pinned quilts hang out (check out a sneak peek of my next project!!)

Two other things have occurred recently that are great examples:
2. ...when you're house becomes a quilt showcase (in this case, for drying t-shirt quilts)

3. When your shower drain gets clogged and your mom, literally, finds a sizable piece of fabric in there. This happened and I have no idea how! Not guilty!


  1. Oh my! Does a quilter live there?

    I am always surprised how much thread gets into and onto everything - even stuff that never goes near my sewing room!

  2. Looks like a great workspace! :)


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