Friday, September 16, 2011

Favorite Things Friday #1: Rainbow Edition

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Since I'm not making my usual amount of creative things right now, I wanted to start a weekly segment - and the theme is going to change every week! I'm using blogs I follow, Flickr, and Pinterest for inspiration.

This week I'm on Pinterest (though I don't know how to make mosaics from there like you can from Flickr - does anyone have suggestions?) Pinterest is one of my FAVORITE time wasters, besides Stumbleupon (click the link, I dare you - you won't be able to stop once you get on there). If you want to follow me on Pinterest, by the way, you can click the little red button on my left sidebar.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite RAINBOW-inspired crafty and just generally awesome Pinterest finds (click the pictures for the link to the pin and the source):

I want to make this so badly. Or something similar.

This cake just screams awesome.

There isn't much for me to say besides "love."

Yum... I love fruit... and rainbows... together is even better :)

The color wheel - on my "future project" list for sure.

This is just so cool! I love how twisty they are. Looks like an art exhibit.

This is such a perfect wedding cake. Garden wedding, anyone?

So what do you think? Any requests for future themes? And if anyone knows how to make a mosaic from Pinterest, I would greatly appreciate your insight :)


  1. What a gorgeous collection of colourful items! Isn't the inside of that cake amazing?


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