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Teaching is my passion and career; teaching sewing and quilting is a dream come true! 

I aim to teach techniques that will add weight to your piecing and quilting tool belts. My version of improvisational piecing with a plan (what I call "brick-by-brick") and free motion quilting are my specialties. I also specialize in teaching intermediate classes for modern quilters and free motion quilters.

Our focus in class is both learning AND having fun, because if you're not having fun, what's the point? Every quilt will come out differently, and that's the beauty of it all!

I'm happy to create a class just for your guild or group on any topic involving improvisation, free motion quilting with a domestic machine, basic quilting skills, or modern/modern traditional piecing. Just email me and we'll talk!

Email me at quiltyhabit(at)gmail(dot)com for scheduling, pricing, contract details, and any questions, or use the form on my Contact page. Thank you! 

Waterfall Quilt Workshop - Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild, August 2016 

2017-2018 Available Workshops

Beginner Free Motion Quilting
Intermediate Free Motion Quilting
Spiral Quilting Boot Camp

Brick-by-Brick Improvisation
Orange Peels and Improv
Wonky Crosses
Waterfall Quilt
Landscape Quilt 
Gentle Curves Technique + Project

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