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I give lectures and demonstrations at guild meetings, shops, and sewing events. I'm an enthusiastic speaker who welcomes lots of questions and brings a ton of quilts in tow! My primary focus is on modern quilting, improvisation, and free motion quilting, but I can customize any lecture to fit your event. You can read what other guilds and shops have said about my presentations below:

"Thank you for a super presentation!  It was filled with so many ideas and ways to use pattern and color.  I know it was a big hit with our members. I especially loved the planned improv." 

"Thank you for the great program today. Lots of good ideas, beautiful colors and quilting that were all well presented." 

"I very much enjoyed your presentation this evening. You were informative and a joy to listen to. Thank you for visiting our guild and inspiring us to try our hand at modern quilting."  

Feel free to email me at quiltyhabit(at)gmail(dot)com for scheduling, pricing, contract details, and any questions, or use the form on my Contact page. Thank you!

Presenting my Dresden Rainbow wedding quilt and its modern elements to the CAMACO Quilt Guild in May 2015.


POPULAR! Modern Quilting - What's All The Hubbub?
With a trunk show of my modern/modern traditional quilts, we'll explore many elements of modern quilting (with my take on each one) and discuss ways to modernize any quilt. Plus, we'll aim to define "modern" on our own terms by the end. 1 hour including Q&A.

Trunk Show + My Quilting Journey 
I started quilting and blogging in college and continued at full force throughout my twenties... and I haven't looked back for a second! I'll bring some of my first quilts and share my story of transitioning from hobby to professional. 1 hour including Q &A.

NEW! Changing Your Creative Life with Improvisation
Stuck in a sewing or real-life rut? Jess is familiar with both, and she'll inspire you to try several improvisational piecing challenges to get you sewing something and feeling wonderful. With a slideshow, stories, and quilts, we'll explore many options for self and group sewing. 1 hour including Q&A.

NEW! Modernizing the Traditional Quilt Block
Gather ideas for modernizing your favorite blocks! Jess will show several samples and explain step-by-step how to transform your ideas into unique creations. We'll explore modern quilting elements such as negative space, scale, and contrast, plus tips for creating your own sampler quilt. You'll leave with so many ideas that you'll be raring to sew! 1 hour including Q&A.

An Intro to Improvisational Sewing
Improvisational piecing is my favorite way modernize a quilt. I'll take you through the stages of my foray into improv piecing (the initial fear, the daring, the comfort, and all the in-betweens) and share many of my improv quilts. We'll discuss several different improv techniques so you can find one that appeals to you. You'll walk away feeling ready to take the plunge into improv! 1 hour including Q&A.

So, You Want To Free Motion Quilt On Your Home Machine?

I'm a huge fan of free motion quilting on your own home machine. It can be done (yes, even on queen and king size quilts!) with the right tools and patience. I'll take you through my favorite tools and tricks for FMQ, and I'll share some of my favorite motifs and free motion-quilted quilts. Finally, I'll explain why quilting is my favorite part of the whole process! 1 hour including Q &A.


Improvisational quilting - brick-by-brick (my style!)
Free motion quilting on a domestic machine

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