Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Article - Craft Teacher Contracts and Deposits

I'm excited to let you know about my latest published article, "A Guide to Contracts and Deposits for Craft Teachers," over in the Craft Industry Alliance Journal (you must be a member to read it). This is a topic that I've been itching to write about for awhile, as I'm so passionate about it.

 "Waterfall Quilt" class with the Baltimore MQG, August 2016

So many quilters have asked me for advice about starting to lecture and teach; to me, setting up a contract and deposit system is vital. In the article, I explain why it's important to stand up for yourself, and lawyer and designer Carol Sulcoski wrote up a thorough sample teaching contract for download. Finally, I interviewed four other well-known craft instructors who also use contracts and deposits: Melissa Leapman, Jessica Levitt, Patty Lyons, and Jenelle Montilone. Thank you so much for your contributions, ladies!

While I'm talking about it, I want to mention how much I enjoy and value being a part of the Craft Industry Alliance (I was paid to write the article but not to say this!). It's so valuable to discuss relevant issues and support 1,000+ other instructors, writers, designers, and bloggers. I appreciate all the work that Kristin Link and Abby Glassenberg have done to run it the past year.

Hope you're sewing today! I'm preparing for this weekend in earnest. More soon...

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