Thursday, October 6, 2011

My blog name

A little over a year ago, I wanted to start a blog to document my quilting progress. I felt a little guilty about the whole thing though - all the fabric buying (hehe), sewing time, blogging time - because I'm a full time college student. So, the fiance came up with the name "Quilty Habit" - which I think has a great ring to it! I never looked back after that :)

I love to change my blog around for each season. If I'm not feeling it anymore, my awesome little sister will make a new banner, and I'll find a new background.

(I know I have more of these banners in my picture folder - just need to find them!)

That's the short, sweet story behind my blog :) What's yours? You can go check out others over at As Sweet as Cinnamon, and make your own post if you'd like.

I'll be back tomorrow for Favorite Things Friday #4! And with more this weekend!


  1. Interesting story about how your blog came to be. I also changed my blog to celebrate the autumn season. I'll be watching for your Favorite Things tomorrow.

  2. Clever fiance - it's a great name!

    I have also linked with this "name game"


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